Sunday, August 6, 2017

Yellow water lilies, a swimming hole, and being all in...

Scott and April told us about a neat little place 
they'd gone kayaking through lily pads. 

A few weeks ago they invited us to come check it out!

As we crested the hill, this was the sight spread out before us!

The lily pads had totally taken over the waterway 
since Scott and April were there last!
Scottie went out to see if it was possible to paddle through them. 

Nope, no going through 
so as he was turning around 
he decided to pick a yellow water lily for April. 

On the shore, we were talking and laughing 
and when we looked back out at Scottie, 
this was all we saw! 

A foot!!!

Turns out yellow water lilies have super thick, 
fibrous stems which make them near impossible to pick. 

Scottie's an all in kind of a guy for sure!!! 
He reminds me of an awesome talk last General Conference...

Plan B took us to April's childhood swimming hole! 
I've heard the best stories of her growing up 
on "the Ranch out to Henry". 
It was such a treat to see it first hand! 

Many years ago, BC (before children) the Mr. and I 
carried snorkel gear in our car, 
you know, 
just in case the opportunity arose. 

We learned that from Scott and April. 
So when we got to April's old swimming hole, 
she grabbed the snorkel gear from their truck and Scottie and I were off. 

Rascal was all in for a minute but it was mighty cold 
so he turned tail and climbed back out.

We followed Scott and April in their flaming watermelon 
through pastures and fields and past this guy

We ended up at Blackfoot Reservoir 

where we found lots of open water. 

We sure love these two!

Thanks Scott & April for your great company 
and the super fun day!

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