Monday, September 18, 2017

A week in Alaska, day three...

Low tide was our friend every morning
and we'd head for a beach.

I'd read about a place called "Magic Island" 
that was only accessible at low tide 
but search as I might I couldn't figure out where it was.

Our super helpful car rental agent knew where it was though, 
at Halibut Point State Park.  
 Low tide the third day
we went searching and were richly rewarded.

It was magic for me!

More rocks meant more little friends to say "Hi" to our Hunter.  ;)

After exploring Magic Island, 
the trail took us past a totem pole

then back into the rain forest.

The trail work was so well done
and the ground was supersaturated
so you'd kind of bounce with each step.
It was like the ground had little shock absorbers.

We'd read about a place called "Totem Trail" 
in Sitka National Historic Park.

The history behind each totem pole was unique
but there were themes, like "raven"
whose beak is the only thing with much paint left on this totem.

Raven's holding the moon on this totem. 
I thought it was a banana 
but Scottie read us the real interpretation. 

Another theme was tall hats, 
possibly modeled after Abraham Lincoln's hat.

There were also whales on several totems. 
This one was pretty rad - dig that tail!

I liked the frogs 
and the eyes on the totems.

Hey Star Wars fans, 
is it just me or do you see an ewok!?!

We got to see some of the historic buildings

and loved the history and views from Castle Hill.

What a beautiful place!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A week in Alaska, days one & two...

Some months back, 
Scott and April said they wanted to see Alaska,
and were we interested in going with them? 
Um, yes! 
Sign me up!

We all searched the internet for the best deals 
and came up with a plan. 
April picked Sitka and away we went!

Sitka's airport is one of the top 10 scariest airports in the U.S.

and these pictures from the internet show why.

We landed quickly, 
met the most helpful car rental guy, 
and got tucked in at our airbnb. 

The next morning was low tide 
so we headed for the water. 
Salmon were jumping all over the place

and the fishermen were ready. 

We met this little boy named Daniel 
and his awesome Mom. 

It was the first day of school for Daniel's siblings 
and his mom was catching some salmon for dinner. 

His Dad was in the Coast Guard 
and away for 2 months 
so his Mom said she was doing her part, 
AND that she just really loved fishing. 
She was so much fun to talk with! 

We didn't fish but we did catch these cute little critters. 

Hunter, you'd have been in heaven. 
They were everywhere!

Daniel's Mom told us to just turn over a rock and we'd find lots. 

She was sooo right!!!

Another fisherman told us about a river 
just up from where we were at Starrigavan Bay

where salmon were headed to spawn.
They were thick!

There was a beautiful boardwalk across the river 
that meandered off into the forest 
called the Muskeg Trail so we took it and found this guy. 

They grown things big in Alaska.

As we walked, 
we picked and ate berries
(April's idea),
and passed a man jogging with his large dogs 
while carrying bear spray in his hand. 

Then we passed a tour guide with his little group of cruise ship passengers 
and he had bear spray in his hand too.

Hmmm.....we were laughing so much 

I guess we scared the bears away.

We went to Whale Point

and scared the whales away too

but it was a beautiful place. 

Did I say earlier that we scared all the bears away?
we didn't scare this guy or his buddies. 

He lived at the Fortress of the Bears, 
a bear sanctuary. 

His mom had been killed so he'd been rescued 
but couldn't be released. 
That was too bad because if I were a bear I think Sitka would be 
the perfect place to live.

Monday, September 4, 2017

BMX racing at the fair...

It's been a few years since we've made it to the County Fair. 
The twigs and I love to see all the critters, 
the Mr. likes the photography exhibits and the art work. 
The other day, after work, we had a chance to go to the fair. 
We caught the little sea lion show, 

(thanks, twigs, for your phone pics)

then headed over to watch some BMX racing 

and there we stayed for the rest of the evening.
 The twigs even got to hand out awards. 

It was so fun! 
By the time the racing was over, 
the critters were all asleep 
and the photo and art exhibit halls 
were locked up tight for the night.

We'll have to catch them next year.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

When it's peach pickin' time in Utah...

Goofy scout songs, 
if you've had Cub Scouts you probably know a dozen or two of them. 

One of my favorite memories was listening to my brothers 
sing goofy scout songs- 
we all laughed so hard! 

Like, "When it's peach pickin' time in Utah, 
when it's peach pickin' time in Utah, 
when it's peach pickin' time in Utah, 
then it's peach pickin' time in Utah." 

Eye roll... 

But this is no goofy scout song! 
It really is peach pickin' time in Utah!

I'm sure grateful for our peach pickin' helpers!

Alex, did you hear that? 

It's time to come on up for a visit 
and eat your fill of juicy peaches!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Love that wet-dog smell!

A few months ago, 
I saw the cutest picture of our friend Caitlin 
kayaking with her dog Roo. 

It made me wonder if our Rascal would like kayaking. 
We'd never really had him swimming before 
so we decided to give it a try and headed for the lake. 

Rascal was a little skittish 
(spell check tells me it's "skittish" not "skiddish" - who knew!) 
at first 
but in about 10 minutes 
he was hanging out on the front of the kayak
looking around and licking the lake.

He fell overboard 6 times that day.
Five of those times he climbed right back in 
but one time it took a few minutes and for just a split second
I thought I might need to go in after him!! 

It gave me flashbacks of an experience 18 years ago
right after this picture was taken.
Little Hunter (on the left)
stooped down and leaned over the boardwalk
stretching to touch the water below.

The Mr. was cautioning him to stay back and watch out. 
I remember my 8 months pregnant self saying 
I'd jump in after him if he fell in
so no worries. 

Yup, you guessed it. 
It wasn't 60 seconds later that
Hunter went head first into the water.

I jumped right in after him but the poor little guy had met 
an unseen rock with his forehead - ouch!!!

Rascal got a toe hold and climbed back on board. 

That night I had nightmares of Rascal drowning
so before we went kayaking again
we headed to the pet store for 
a dog PFD.

It works great!

We love that smiley dog!

Thanks for the fun idea, Caitlin!