Sunday, July 23, 2017

Happy Birthday America!

We skipped town the night on the 3rd of July 
and celebrated our country's birthday 
in the purple mountain majesties 
with some sweet friends. 

There was swimming,

piggy back rides,


and more piggy back rides 
but this time across mud

as a dear little someone forgot her hiking boots back at home

so she was tough and did the hike to Cecret Lake in sandals.

Maybe the dismount didn't go quite like planned?

Thanks Zac for being a pal.

Cecret Lake had an iceberg in it!

Hunter, our dear salamander catcher, 
we tried 
and tried 
and tried 
and tried 
to catch a salamander
just like you would do

but we got skunked.

We saw about 15 of the little guys
(or maybe the same 3 little guys 5 times - how would we know)
but didn't catch a one of them!

Still, it was a great 4th in a beautiful place.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Be kind to one another and watch out for the little guys...

When the boy twigs were just little tiny guys in toddler beds, 
we picked out this fabric to make bedspreads. 

My beautiful little blue-eyed mother 
and my sister Marti 
quilted them for us - so very nice of them! 

As often happens with little ones, 
the boys got attached to their blankets 
so a few years later when they got twin beds, 
they weren't excited to part with their favorite blankets.

We decided to make a shower curtain out of one blanket 
and move their Noah's Ark decor to the bathroom. 

It worked great for years 
and was often a conversation starter 
at bath time because of messages like these.

This past spring we decided it was time to bid a fond farewell 
to the Noah's Ark decor 
that served us well for so many years

and update the bathroom. 

The Mr. picked out the shower curtains - he loved the red! 
My dad loved red and would have agreed whole-heartedly.

I hope we'll always remember the ark rules of 
being kind to one another
and watching out for the little guys. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

What just a little bit of water can do...

Thanks to Gary's hiking suggestions, 
we got to enjoy this beaut of a trail. 

It led to Lower Adams Canyon Waterfall
and I was amazed to see that 
this little bit of water...

could turn into this awesome waterfall!

There are so many analogies that come to mind 
from this little stream. 
It gives me hope of beautiful things to come.

Thanks Gary, 10/10 will do again. 

Man, I'm grateful to get to live in this place!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The kindest people...

I'm tremendously blessed to know so many people 
who are kind and loving, 
helpful and thoughtful, 
people who go out of their way on a daily basis to bless others. 
Kind friends who share their yummy baking skills, 
friends who'll play pickleball, 

friends who leave their very busy lives 
to go walking, 
friends who love and care about our twigs,

(Stake Girls Camp) 

(Girls State) 

(Mission Homecoming) 

(Mission meetings) 

and send us fun pictures! 

(Fort Knox)

We love and appreciate you, kind friends!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

It was a Green Pond kind of spring...

This spring, we all had a few free hours one evening 
so we headed to Green Pond.

Rascal joined us for his first time.

This was only Zac's second time to the pond 
as we heard about it and hiked it lots with Hunter 
when Zac was on his mission in the Carolinas.

Zac says he loves this beautiful little hike too!

Vickie and her family were wanting to go hiking 
so a few weeks later we got to visit 
Green Pond with them.

It was exciting to see the difference 
a few weeks made in the plants.

The trees had all leafed out. 

We saw critters in all shapes and sizes...

(Robin eggs)

(little snake)

(someone's dog)

and picked up pebbles along the hike 
to try and skip across the pond. 

We also found lots of mud!     

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength 
that will endure as long as life lasts. 
There is something infinitely healing 
in the repeated refrains of nature -- 
the assurance that dawn comes after night, 
and spring after winter.” 
-Rachel Carson