Monday, July 17, 2017

Be kind to one another and watch out for the little guys...

When the boy twigs were just little tiny guys in toddler beds, 
we picked out this fabric to make bedspreads. 

My beautiful little blue-eyed mother 
and my sister Marti 
quilted them for us - so very nice of them! 

As often happens with little ones, 
the boys got attached to their blankets 
so a few years later when they got twin beds, 
they weren't excited to part with their favorite blankets.

We decided to make a shower curtain out of one blanket 
and move their Noah's Ark decor to the bathroom. 

It worked great for years 
and was often a conversation starter 
at bath time because of messages like these.

This past spring we decided it was time to bid a fond farewell 
to the Noah's Ark decor 
that served us well for so many years

and update the bathroom. 

The Mr. picked out the shower curtains - he loved the red! 
My dad loved red and would have agreed whole-heartedly.

I hope we'll always remember the ark rules of 
being kind to one another
and watching out for the little guys. 


  1. lovely! You have such a knack for decorating. I always liked that Noah's ark curtain but never knew the story behind it. So neat. Love you!

  2. Looks amazing! Did you keep the Noah's ark one?

    1. Thanks Jen <3
      Yup, we did keep their old blankets. Hunter actually has his with him on his mission. I unpicked Zac's from the shower curtain and put it on the blanket shelf. ;)

  3. Debbie took old quilts and made pictures out of them, the quilt was the background, and a picture of the person who made the quilt.